michelepLate Winter 2019 President's Note

Snow Hasn't Kept Us From Planning Events.

As I sit here writing this, the wind has FINALLY stopped blowing. It’s been a long winter, it feels like, full of crazy weather and more ice than I care to think about! But, when I wake up, it is lighter, and when I leave the office, it isn’t pitch black, which always feels amazing. Fighting the isolation and bleakness that can come with a Maine winter feels like a full time job sometimes.


As a society in Maine, we can be isolated by geography. We are on rural lands and out on islands. We live in mountains and on far-flung farms. That isolation we expect, and may even have come to Maine to find. But there is isolation in our cities and suburbs as well. There is the social isolation of being a parent of small kids trapped in the house or being elderly and not daring to venture on our unshoveled Portland sidewalks. The isolation of being surrounded by people and yet still alone can be devastating.


Martha Beck, the life coach teaches: If you want to end your isolation, you must be honest about what you want at a core level and decide to go after it.


I think it is never too late to decide what you want and go after it. Whether it is to get a new job, to downsize the house, to start exercising, or to stop overdrinking, making a commitment to yourself is a powerful exercise. Following through on commitments and developing your own trust in yourself can be life changing.


What if ending our isolation starts with making a commitment to ourselves?


And if you need some help with that? Well, we are moving into spring time event planning at the Club. We’ve got a some salons and field trips in the works and the summer picnic will be here before we know it! Stay in touch and check your emails; we will see you there!