michelepFrom the Desk of the President

Shared Identity Groups and the WMWC.

Seven years ago, the Alumnae Association helped alumnae create Shared Identity Groups (SIGs). These groups were formed by alums united in a common theme of ethnic identity. The first group was Wellesley Alumnae of African Descent (WAAD), born out of ties from the Ethos community. Then came Wellesley Latina Alumnae Network (WLAN), which sought to build on the success of WAAD and bring the connections to the W Latinx community. Soon after, the Wellesley Asian Alumnae Alliance (W3A) sought to bring together alums of Asian decent. Last year, the informal network of LGBTQIA formed the Wellesley Alum Pride Alliance (WAPA) (headed by my classmate and author Malinda Lo '96). This November, the Wellesley Jewish Alumnae (WJA) was recognized as a way to bring together Jewish alumnae of all beliefs, observance, and definitions.


SIGs are created around identity, offering a network of relationships that give members opportunities to meet and interact with each other through online and in-person programs that reflect their shared experiences. On campus, the Alumnae Association helps to connect SIGs with the advisors of corresponding student identity organizations. This collaboration results in meaningful engagement with both students and fellow alumnae.  


In addition to providing connection and more to their members, SIGs invite all of us to draw upon our common Wellesley experience to practice inclusiveness and openness. We encourage you to join any SIG with which you identify so that you can stay informed about programs and activities designed to inspire strong connections. These connections are what make the W network so very valuable to all of us.


WMWC is actively seeking board representation for our siblings in a SIG. We would love to have liaisons from the WMWC to each SIG. We’d love to support SIG programming in our area. Our club is a community that deeply values diversity, embraces our individuality, and is committed to navigating differing perspectives with compassion and respect. SIGs help lead this important effort.