michelepFrom the Desk of the President

Updates and Notes from the Club President, Michele (Tidd) Pfannenstiel '96.

Hello! I've just come back from BLUEprint, the Alumnae Leadership Council annual weekend at school. Among other things, I've discovered how to use the system the college wants us to use to create and manage events, so look for more updates in these pages.

BLUEprint is a new effort by the WCAA to engage and understand the alumnae community. This year, it brought together club and class presidents, upcoming reunion chairs, and SIG (Special Interest Groups) presidents. We started the weekend off at Alumnae Achievment Awards, which was AMAZING. I think we should organize a club trip down next year!

Saturday morning started with Afro-Flow yoga. This was hands down the BEST yoga class I've ever been to and I am plotting a potential event up here! Next, we continued to a day of workshops around how WCAA/the college are trying organize alumnae, understand our demographics and create the metrics we need to keep the college competative. You heard that right, alumnae metrics are super important in rankings, and get this...grants for faculty. I had no idea. But, this was the first in plenty of jaw dropping information the college provided this weekend.

The address by President Johnson was inspiring. We've done a lot of work, we have a lot of work to do. Want to hear more? We have an annual meeting coming up! I'll be providing an update during our business meeting!

Our Saturday rounded out with a lovely dinner organized for the recipients of the Sed Ministrare awards. We had three winners this year and all were truly inspiring women. Sunday brought an update from Provost and Dean Andy Shennan and our college CFO on the state of the finances. The good news, we raised half a billion dollars. The bad news? Well, come to the annual meeting and find out, because it takes some explaining.  We heard from the Director of Admissions and the Dean of Student Life about how students are fairing at the college. Anxiety and the stress to be perfect are high on the list of concerns. But our students continue to do wonderful things. Read about the newly installed Leadership Awards!

Want to hear more? See pictures? Connect and engage with your wonderful Wellesley sibs? We will see you at the annual meeting!